Honda CBRrr - Repsol Edition with ABS.
This bike is in fantastic shape! Mint condition. 13,500km.
Recent full synth oil change. Newer Q3 tires.
Has aftermarket shorty levers with "Repsol" engraved on them.
As well as a fender eliminator - with really sweet indicator LEDs.
Come take a look at the bike that won "Bike of the Year" for .
It's got loads of power and rides like a dream!
For me personally I had a GSX-R before this bike and it fit me better. I like the Honda better in all respects expect the fit. For some reason the Honda causes my body to hurt after a long ride. The GSX-R didn't. In the end my comfort is much more important to me than performance - I'm 55 and the knees and back do notice the difference