Black Friday may be over but you can still save $500 on a new Black or Spirit Bear!
Finally a really high performance electric fat bike! Perfect for the adventurer in everyone. Shred on the trail or fly down the road, on this bike the impossible becomes the possible. Never complain of having nothing to do again, because this e-bike eats trail dust for breakfast.
This is definitely NOT the e-bike you need - its the one you WANT! This is the e-bike that makes you spring out of bed in the morning because you just can't wait to head out for a ride. The e-bike that will have you up late at night planning exciting new rides to do and researching new trails to take, months in advance. Once you've ridden a Bear, you'll know you don't need it, but you'll want it with every ounce of your being.
* Integrated battery and motor
* 26? fat tires to tackle any terrain
* Programmable mid-drive motor 500- watts
* 48 volt 12.8 ah LG battery
* Adjustable front riser for increased rider comfort
* Hydraulic Tectro disk brakes for peace of mind stopping
* Mozo front air suspension
* Shimano Altus 8 Speed with Shift Sense
* Includes fenders, front light and rear rack
* Take 5% off the price with our Green Rebate (included in sale price)
Visit us at #307 - Wharf Street for a test ride. You know you want to!