Victoria Kayak is making way for the inventory!
Now Selling:
Necky "Manitou II" Double Kayak with Rudder ( model year) - Yellow color. These Roto Molded kayaks are pretty much indestructible. You won't need to worry about beaching or dragging your boat up those rocky shores.
The 14' Double Necky is a hybrid kayak - it can be configured for one, two, or two + an infant (or dog) - making it a triple kayak! In fact this kayak is a favorite with our dog lovers. We do not feel the Necky is suitable for exposed or open ocean travel - it's hatches are just too large and there is no sealed forward bow compartment. However in sheltered water (we use it in the harbour or on the Gorge), or on lakes it makes for an ideal, adaptable, boat. We have never pressed it into overnight service but when set up for single paddler there would be oodles of room for gear. The rear hatch can store 63.5 liters and the Manitou II has a carrying capacity of 205 kg (450 lbs). We feel the Manitou II is a great beach boat for the whole family to play with.
What are we replacing it with?... another brand new Manitou II. We just haven't found a boat that can do everything this boat does.
How our fleet sale works:
We will be taking deposits on used kayaks starting on September 15, .
A $200 deposit will hold your used kayak until we release it from our fleet September 30, .
All kayaks will be in good working order.
Deposits are non-refundable. The only exception is if some unexpected disaster strikes the kayak you have chosen prior to pick up - we don't foresee that happening but you never know when a Great White Shark may attack.
The used prices listed are for the kayaks only and are non-negotiable.
We are happy to deliver to you in Greater Victoria for free - how awesome is that!
To make your deposit, please call 250-216-.
Please call us if you have questions about any of our used kayaks.
Please call ahead to view a specific kayak as they are still in our fleet and may be in use when you wish to see them.