Dell Inspiron - Windows 7 Home Premium
-Total Physical Memory - 3.96 GB
-Total Virtual Memory - 7.92 GB
C Drive - 283 GB Total
-3 USB Ports
-VGA Port? (Port for Second Monitor)
-CD-ROM/DVD Writer Drive
-Logitech Mouse (wired)
-2 Hour Battery Life
-Power Cable
-Windows 7 Installation Disk
-Dell Drivers and Utilities Disk
- x 768 screen resolution
-Win 64 bit OS
I've used this computer for work as a web designer/graphic designer. I've out grown it - needed something with a larger hard drive.
I've recently reinstalled Windows 7 - clean install, (none of my files are left). It's also caught up on the latest updates for Windows 7.
There's no software other than what comes with Windows, except for:
-Google Chrome
-Malwarebytes Anti Malware
-Microsoft Security Essentials (Antivirus and Firewall)
It has some scuffs on the back from being carried in a backpack.