We have the iZip E3 Path Plus e-bikes on sale. These e-bikes use Shimano STePS electric systems, meaning you can get service parts at most bike shops, and Shimano has a history of supporting what they sell for a very long time. The more you spend on an e-bike, the more important the ability to maintain it for the long-term becomes, and these bikes give you an edge in that regard. They're regularly $.99, but on sale for $.99.
E3 Path Plus comes with a high capacity rack-mount battery and go as far as 107 kilometres on a charge. At 48.2 pounds, they're lightweight for long-range e-bikes.
In addition to the rear rack they also come with kickstands, fenders, and puncture-resistant tires. They're brand new with warranty, come in two colours ("grey" and "cream"), and are available in either medium or large. We'd be pleased to get you on a test-ride!
Need a step-through instead? We have those as well.
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