These are amazing sounding bookshelf speakers, the are for use with a 15-100 watt amp and recommended for 80 watts max. They are in good shape The grills are good also. Google them for reviews, they get high marks. And I will throw in the small paradigms too. Here is a review I pulled up one of many that is 5 stars.
Bottom Line:
I got a pair of these Mini Monitors roughly a year ago at a Champagne Sale at a local stereo shop. I had researched these puppies well in advance. After listening to them, it was obvious that Paradigm makes if not the best, some of the best speakers for the value. I have never heard a better 6.5" speaker in this price range.
Highs are crisp without being harsh. Bass is really tight, refined and PRESENT.
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Used product for: 3 Months to 1 year
Duration Product Used: Audio Enthusiast
Price Paid: $320.00